In 1994 I was diagnosed with fibromaylgia.  In 1996, unable to walk without excruciating pain, I was told that I would never walk without pain again.  At that time, I had been a Radiologic Technologist and worked in the medical field (Brigham & Women’s Hospital-Boston, Hartford Hospital-Hartford, CT) for almost 20 years.   The medical establishment failed me.  They had no answers.

Detective Work

So, I set out to find my own answers.  I researched and did trial and error until I found things that worked for me.  I learned a lot along the way and started to become a “go-to”person for people with fibromyalgia.


By 2000, my recovery had begun.  In 2004, I started to take short walks and dream of hiking again.  In 2007, I hiked Camel’s Hump, the highest undeveloped peak in VT (photo above).   In 2012, I climbed Mt. Washington and thumbed my nose at the doctor who told me I’d never walk again.


Two years ago, I developed some digestive issues.  While working through those issues, it was pointed out to me that my knowledge of traditional western medicine along with my knowledge of functional and naturopathic medicine is a unique combination that allows me a broad perspective when assisting people with their health.  I achieved my FDN Certification so that I could pursue my dream of helping people achieve their best possible health.




From Jon Kabat Zinn (Wherever You Go, There You Are):
“The mountain climb is a powerful metaphor for the life quest, the spiritual journey, the path of growth, transformation, and understanding. The arduous difficulties we encounter along the way embody the very challenges we need in order to stretch ourselves and thereby expand our boundaries. …We have a lot of learning and growing to do once we choose to make the journey. The risks are considerable, the sacrifices awesome, the outcome always uncertain. Ultimately, it is the climb itself which is the adventure, not just standing at the top. ….The journey is not complete without the descent, the stepping back and seeing the whole again from afar. Having been at the summit, however, you have gained a new perspective, and it may change your way of seeing forever.”