The human body is an amazing machine. It constantly seeks to find balance (homeostasis). When things go wrong, it automatically balances. When a person has symptoms, it means the human body has been out of balance for so long that it can no longer compensate. Our job is to find those imbalances and correct them so the body can do what it knows to do….heal.

Sounds great, but how does it work?

FDN takes a comprehensive and non-specific approach that guides you in building your health from the ground up. “Non-specific” means that we do not address specific symptoms in isolation. The body as a whole needs attention for the best results. It is important to remember that as an FDN practitioner, I do not diagnose or treat specific diseases. FDN has 6 core elements:

  1. Thorough intake process
    You will be asked to fill out several intake forms prior to our work together. This is an important step in learning about your health story. Some of the forms will be revisited periodically to measure your progress.
  2. Functional lab work
    FDN follows the motto, “Don’t guess. Test.” Functional lab work helps take the guesswork out by pinpointing your personal healing opportunities. Lab results are always correlated with your personal presentation as we are ultimately concerned with helping you feel better, not just improving the numbers on the paper.
  3. Personalized protocol
    Suggestions will be put together based on the unique findings from your intakes, lab results, and verbal communication. The areas addressed in your protocol will be Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress reduction, and Supplementation, otherwise referred to as the D.R.E.S.S(R) for Health Success Program.
  4. Education
    “We don’t medicate, we educate.” I want to make sure you understand why the different aspects of your personal protocol were recommended. We will use charts and images as necessary to help you understand how the body functions and what it means for you personally. Ask questions. It’s important that you understand.
  5. Support
    I am invested in your health and want to see you reach your goals. You will have access to email support from me and follow-ups as needed. I will offer my best support during our work together. In addition, I encourage you to find support from family, friends, and other health practitioners as needed.
  6. Commitment
    Commitment in the FDN context is a two way street. I commit to you by providing the education, assessment tools, and support. By opting into the FDN model, you are committing to self-care and the work involved to get well. We all want quick fixes, but in reality, health doesn’t work that way. A heartfelt commitment to yourself and the healing process is the bedrock of your success. I’m here to help you get there, but you need to do the work.

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